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Resonance is an AU Sailor Moon roleplaying site taking place a millennia after the fall of Crystal Tokyo. The year is 3574, and Crystal Tokyo is no more than a memory distorted by the all-knowing, but subtly-operating White Regime. Life has gone on, and most planets know some degree of peace and prosperity. But the White Regime is spying on its people, stifling those who would speak out, and doing whatever it takes to remain on top. In an age where everything is not as peaceful as it seems, the planets are more in need of a few good heroes than its people realize. Will the reawakened senshi be able to overcome unlikely odds, or is it just too late this time around? And where will you stand? Do you side with the unknown super-heroines resurfacing as they fight for love and justice? Or are you loyal to your Regime and all of the promises it can make you?

The choice is yours.

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